Casa battlo of Gaudi © Inna Felker |


Gaudi Spikes in Barcelona Spain © Angela Ostafichuk |

"Mobius Strip" by Martin Green, (copyrighted image)

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  1. Dear Mathias,

    I just wanted to thank you for so thoughtfully arranging for me to receive a copy of “This Mobius Strip of Ifs” using one of my images on the cover. It’s especially pleasing to see as I’m not a professional photographer – just someone with a life-long interest who, a few years ago, thought he might try making an extra bit of income by submitting photos to microstock websites. At that time “twas but a dream” that any of my images would end up being used in this way!

    From what I’ve read from your book so far I feel there’s plenty of wisdom in there and so I’d like you to know that, for what it’s worth, I’m happy (and rather honoured) to have made a tiny contribution to this publication

    Kind Regards,

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